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Bido presents: The BidoAPI - The way to integrate Bido on your Site or Application (Intended for Web developers, Apps developers, Software developers, etc.).

Bido provides an open, free to all and easy to use API.

The API now allows to automate some operations on Bido such as the retrieval of auction lists, domain monitoring, direct purchase etc.

Sites / Apps using the BidoAPI
  • Find your valuable next domain on a soon closing auction.
  • Find  your valuable next domain on a leading domain trading platform.
  • NameCatch: Free domain sorting tool for domainers.
  • Add your Site / App here: Using the BidoAPI? Let us know, and your site / app will be added on this page. 

  • How to use the BidoAPI?
    Examples on how to use the BidoAPI are provided over here:

    Download PDF

    Need more functionality? Please drop us a note to have access to further functionality as well as to the test (sandbox) environment. If there is a particular feature that you would like to see in the API, please contact our support department and every endeavour will be made to accommodate your request. Basically every functionality that is supported over the Web-Interface would also be available over the BidoAPI.

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    Downloadable CSV Files:

    Live Auctions CSV dataset

    (*) All sites / applications using the BidoAPI are entitled to a share in the sales commissions, as a part of the Bido Affiliate Program.